Tulsa Commercial Roofing

When the economy is booming, so does the commercial construction industry. Whether we are in a down market or booming, builders are always looking for sound strategies in structure development, materials, efficiency, and how to improve the ROI for our customers.

Here are the 4 trends that we are seeing in the industry as we enter into 2017:

  • Single-Design Model – traditional construction planning, engineering documents were created and then given to the contractor to re-draw. In a single design model, all engineering is completed in-house with a coordination/collaboration with the contractors. This often cuts a third of the planning/engineering time out and allows us to complete projects on time and under budget.
  • Materials – A lot of construction is going prefabrication off-site for construction. This is moving more work from the field to the shop, but allows for better results, increased efficiencies, and much higher quality control.
  • Energy Efficiency – Energy costs are a huge concern for our customers and building with energy efficiency in mind is a win-win for everyone. The huge advancements have been made with automation, carbon dioxide sensors changing ventilation, or lighting sensor automatically turning on or off in rooms not in use, and energy recovering through heat wheels and occupancy sensors are revolutions how we construct buildings.
  • Permanent Modular Construction – Modular construction are huge Trends and we are seeing it more and more every year. The construction saves money, time and looks exactly like any other commercial building. This allows consumers to use the same materials (metal studs, concrete or wood), however it means you can build 100,000 Sq Ft. facility in 25,000 sq. ft. increments, giving you the flexibility to expand as needed or build in a phased approach.

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