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Recognizing the signs of roof wear early could prevent a small repair from growing into an expensive roof replacement. Below are 7 common signs that you may need a new roof.

  1. Climbing Energy Bills | Your roof may have lost most of its reflectivity, forcing your cooling system to work harder in our hot summer months. This can create a huge increase in your monthly energy bill and means you need your roof repaired quickly.
  2. Sagging | Low spots or sagging in the surface of your roof may mean you have a problem below the top surface of your roof. Previous ponding of water may have compressed the roof insulation or a roof deck joist may be broken.
  3. Moisture Problems | Moisture can easily infiltrate your roof if it is not absolutely watertight. Moisture can wreak havoc with your building’s environmental controls. Some signs of water entering the rooftop are: high humidity, water stains on ceilings and increased insect or rodent problems.
  4. Bubbles | To check your roof for bubbles, you must be on the roof. Most of the time, roof bubbles in built-up roofing and chemically adhered single ply roofing come from moisture building up under the top layer. The number of bubbles you see usually indicates the amount of time you have, more bubbles means you need commercial roof repair sooner rather than later.
  5. Clogged Drains | Clogged drains lead to ponding on your roof. If your roof is unable to drain properly it can break down your roof material and even cause saturation under the membrane over time.
  6. Open SeamsĀ | Open seams allow moisture to penetrate below the top layer of the roof. If you see this, you need to contact a commercial roof company to repair your roof to avoid further damage.
  7. Flimsy Flashing | Flashing should free of gaps and should be securely fastened to your parapet, and anywhere the roof changes levels. If you see any areas where the flashing is loose, bent or completely missing, you need professional commercial roof repair very soon.

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