Value Engineering Services and Professional Recommendations

Elevated Commercial Services offers invaluable information when it comes to budgeting for a new project. With our experience and exposure to all types of roofing materials. Our opinion goes a long way in the commercial roofing industry.

Moisture Detection and Infrared Thermal Services

Elevated Commercial Services not only provides these services to all of our customers needing assistance with a roof replacement or repair. We want to make sure we cover all areas of your roof and find where the damage is at when the naked eye can’t.

Aerial Imaging and Observational Analysis Reporting

Do you need or just want to see what your building looks like from the sky? Elevated offers aerial services for any type of building. We help building owners and managers get to difficult places with our aerial cameras. This saves our customers thousands of dollars while lowering their liability exposure.

Energy and Daylight Savings Analysis

We want all of our customers taking advantage of all the energy and daylight savings out there. Your onetime investment will drive your bills down. If you are replacing your roof then now is the time to ask about how we can help you save more money and time by installing simple but yet sophisticated additions to your building.