Whether you have a new commercial building or an older property we have solutions to ensure your rooftop up-fit is done right the first time. We provide renovations, repairs and fit-up solutions for any warranted or non-warranted roofing system.  We have the knowledge and experience to help you with rooftop equipment on older and newer roofs.

The roof is the most efficient location for certain equipment to be installed where it can be hidden from plain sight street view. We ensure your equipment is properly installed, sealed and watertight within your roofing system. We take the time and care to ensure your existing roof is not damaged in the process. Equipment must be treated carefully as improperly installed improperly or if the roof is not maintained well, issues can arise in the future.  The last thing you want is poor installation or maintenance of the roof surrounding the equipment causing many issues for you in the future. Call us today and we can discuss your equipment installation needs and ensure it is done right the first time.


Let Elevated help with the process and ease of installing new RTU systems on existing buildings or new construction.


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